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Cumberland County, NC - Buckhead Creek Sewer Relocation NCDOT Project U-4405C

Construction of the proposed sanitary sewer improvements to consist improvements to consist approximately 300 feet of 16-inch diameter, 360 feet of 8-inch diameter and 200 feet of 12-inch diameter of sewer relocation/replacement and 165 linear feet of 30-inch steel encasement by guided bore and jack, and bypass pumping, with associated appurtenances.
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  Plan Holder List for 'Cumberland County, NC - Buckhead Creek Sewer Relocation NCDOT Project U-4405C'
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  30 Technology Parkway South  
  Suite 100  
  Norcross, GA 30092  
00013 - Other  
Morgan Stinson  
Phone: (800) 364-2059  
Fax: (866) 570-8187  

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