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Wilkes County (NC) Airport - Booster Pump Station and Fire Water Service Upgrade (20190570.00.CL)

Work of the Project includes the construction of a new 2,500 gallon per minute packaged fire water booster pump station and 125,000-gallon ground-level, welded steel water storage tank along with associated site, piping and valving, electrical and controls work at the existing Wilkes County Airport fire water tank and booster pump station site. An additive alternate bid to the base contract described above will be to construct a 150,000-gallon (useable volume) welded steel water storage tank in lieu of the 125,000-gallon tank. The Project also includes the installation of approximately 1750 LF of a new parallel 8-inch PVC C900 fire water service (FWS) pipe that will connect to an existing 8-inch FWS pipe and increases to a 10-inch PVC C900 FWS before connecting to an existing 10-inch FWS pipe that will serve a new aircraft hangar fire suppression system . This work includes but is not limited to site preparation; implementation of erosion control measures; design and construction of the tank and packaged booster pump station foundations. The Work includes all items as indicated elsewhere in the Specifications and Drawings. All of the work shall be in complete accordance with the latest version of the applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.
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