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REBID - Henderson, NC - Sandy Creek Basin Sewer Rehabilitation Find-it, Fix-it (20210293.00.RA)

The Project consists generally of the following major items:

1. NCDEQ DWI has awarded state funding to the City of Henderson in order to reduce inflow and infiltration to correct sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) within the Sandy Creek Wastewater Basin. The project will utilize a find-it, fix it approach by first smoke/dye testing, cleaning, and conducting NASSCO PACP & MACP inspection on approximately 63,250 LF of gravity sewer within the basin. Based upon NASSCO PACP and MACP inspection review by Engineer, rehabilitation of the system will occur through field engineering determination. Rehabilitation will occur through the following measures:

a. Gravity sewer Heat cure pipe lining
b. Gravity sewer UV cure pipe lining
c. Gravity sewer Point repair
d. Manhole rehabilitation or replacement
e. Gravity sewer replacement with diameters no larger than existing.

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