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Duncan-Parnell Branch 1
Charlotte - McDowell St
900 South McDowell Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 372-7766
View Job DetailsAsheboro, NC - Asheboro Reg Airport Lighting & Signage Rehab (20190402.00.CL)
The project scope will include replacement of the existing airfield lighting and signage with new LED fixtures. A new electrical vault building will be included as well.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.06/17/2021
View Job Details | OrderGreenville Water - Highway 86 and Ashmore Bridge Road Water Main River Crossings
Contractor to install approximately 865 LF of 16-inch and 12-inch water line along Highway 86 under Saluda River via Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) and open cut. This will include connection to existing 12-inch water line at the intersection of Highway 86 and River Rd and connection to existing 12-inch water line at the intersection of Highway 86 and River St via (2) 12”x12” tees, (2) 12-inch gate valves, and (2) 16”x12” reducers. Additionally, approximately 1,143 LF of 12-inch water line along Ashmore Bridge Rd crossing under Reedy River via open cut and Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD), and connecting to the existing water line near the intersection of Ashmore Bridge Rd and Yorkswell Ln via open cut and jack-and-bore across Ashmore Bridge Road. This will include capping the western side of the water line, installation of (2) 12” gate valves, and (1) 2” blow off valve assembly.

Contractors are required to attend a mandatory pre-bid meeting hosted at 407 W Broad St, Greenville, SC 29601 at 2:00 PM June 8, 2021. Contractors are responsible for performing their own site visits and GW is not responsible for assumptions made by Contractor regarding site conditions.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.06/22/2021
View Job DetailsJackson County (NC) Airport - Terminal Parking Lot (20210073.00.CL)
The project will include the removal of the existing gravel parking lot and replacement with new asphalt and stone base (approximately 185 tons of asphalt needed). The project also included a new parking lot light pole.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.05/20/2021
View Job DetailsKershaw County (SC) Airport (Woodward Field) - Runway 6-24 Rehabilitation Project (20200407.00.WL)
The project generally consists of variable depth mill and P-401 asphalt overlay of Runway 6/24 and the intersection of Runway 6/24 with Runway 14/32.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.04/28/2021
View Job Details | OrderOrangeburg Municipal Airport (OGB) - Main Apron Expansion – Phase 1 (20190492.00.CA)
The project will consist of construction of a new concrete apron with tie-down locations and associated grading, drainage, and erosion control Orangeburg Municipal Airport (OGB).

The Addendum #2 Schedule of work in Excel format can be viewed by clicking HERE
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.06/03/2021
View Job DetailsPiedmont Triad International Airport - Runway 23L Approach Clearing Project (20190306.01.RA)
This project consists of approximately 38 acres of clearing and grubbing, erosion control items, seeding, mulching, and other incidental items necessary to complete the project.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.05/18/2021
View Job Details | OrderSeabrook Island Utility Commission - WWTP Effluent Storage and Pumping Improvements (CWSRF #727-02) (20200025.00.CH)
The work will consist of construction of a new integrated Intermediate/Effluent Pump Station and expansion of the existing Effluent Holding Pond as follows:

Division I
1. One integrated, cast-in-place concrete structure with internal wall, including two separate wet wells, pumping equipment, piping and accessories for an Intermediate Pump Station and Effluent Pump Station. Intermediate Pump Station equipment will include four constant speed submersible pumps, and Effluent Pump Station equipment will include three vertical turbine pumps with variable frequency drives.

2. One pre-manufactured concrete modular building for enclosure of pump control panels and SCADA telemetry.

3. All related yard piping, process piping, instrumentation, electrical equipment and wiring, and site improvements.

Division II
1. Modify and raise the existing earthen dikes in the Effluent Holding Pond, including piping and accessories.

2. Demolition of existing Effluent Pump Station, including structure, equipment, piping and accessories.

3. All related yard piping, process piping, fencing and site improvements.

This project is being funded by a loan from the State Revolving Fund (SRF) and bidders must comply with all applicable state and federal requirements identified in the bid documents, including Davis-Bacon and “American Iron and Steel” provisions.

W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.07/01/2021
View Job Details | OrderShelby, NC - Shelby T-Hangar & Taxilane Ph2 (20210257.00.CL)
The project scope will include the construction of one 10-unit T-Hangar building with the associated taxilane paving (approximately 950 tons of state mix asphalt).
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.06/22/2021
View Job DetailsSpartanburg, SC - Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport (SPA) - Taxiway A Rehabilitation Project (20200317.00.CA)
The project generally consists of asphalt pavement removal, asphalt pavement construction, concrete pavement construction, grading and drainage improvements, airfield lighting and signage, and pavement marking application.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.05/19/2021
View Job DetailsUnion County, NC - FY20 Short Water Line Extension Phase 4 (20190511.00)
The Project consists of furnishing all materials, equipment, and labor for installation of approximately 2,460 total LF of 2-inch water main, 7,640 LF 6-inch water main, 1,200 LF 8-inch water main, 640 LF 12-inch water main, and related appurtenances on Foxwood Drive, New Town Road, Deerwood Court, Winding Lane, Black Oak Lane, Stirrup court, Horseshoe Bend, Rockridge Pass, Stallion Court, Greenbrook Parkway, and Gatewood Lane within Union County.

Bids will be received for a single prime Contract. Bids shall be on a unit price basis.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.05/13/2021
View Job DetailsWalterboro, SC - Lowcountry Regional Airport (RBW) - New Connector Taxiway Project (20200664.00.CA)
The work shall consist of the furnishing of labor, material, and equipment for the new connector taxiway at Lowcountry Regional Airport.

The Schedule of Work released with Addendum #1 can be downloaded in Excel format by clicking HERE

W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.04/29/2021