Lancaster, SC - WWTP Optimization and Floodproofing (20220601.00.CL)

The City of Lancaster (Owner) is proposing to construct a floodproofing and optimization project. The project is located within the Catawba River WWTP (SC0046892) property limits. The proposed project will include construction of a new influent pump station, headworks facility, covered sludge storage facility, various force mains and process piping, a SCADA system, an equalization basin mixing system, oxidation ditch aeration and hydraulic improvements, clarifier improvements and rehab, and conversion of the anaerobic selector to a sludge holding tank.
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Steve Gerlach
W.K. Dickson & Co., Inc.

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The Project includes the following Work:

1.       Removal of sludge from anaerobic selector and oxidation ditches.

2.       Construction of new influent pump station, force main, and influent flow meter.

3.       Construction of new headworks facility and associated non-potable water piping.

4.       Installation of truck unloading station.

5.       Installation of manholes and associated drain piping to convey water to the influent pump station (PS).

6.       Install four (4) aerators in equalization basin and associated controls.

7.       Install a new pipe from the Oxidation Ditch Splitter Box to Oxidation Ditch #2. 

8.       Replace two (2) Oxidation Ditch drainage valves.

9.       Replace all flexible membrane diffuser heads in each Oxidation Ditch.

10.   Install sludge blanket level indicators in Clarifiers No. 1 to 3. 

11.   Install VFDs on existing RAS/WAS pump motors at Sludge PS #1 and replace motors at Sludge PS #2.

12.   Install 16-inch DIP force main from Sludge PS #1 to the existing Anaerobic Selector. 

13.   Install one (1) 14-inch plug valve on proposed recycle force main and one (1) 14-inch plug valve on existing 14-inch force main. 

14.   Install ARV and 16-inch flow meter on proposed 16-inch RAS force main and associated vaults. 

15.   Replace 16-inch flow meter on Sludge PS #2 RAS FM. 

16.   Replace 8-inch flow meter on Sludge PS #2 WAS FM. 

17.   Rebuild Clarifier No. 3.

18.   Conversion of Anaerobic Selector into Sludge Holding Tank with diffused air.

19.   Extension of existing Covered Sludge Storage Area.

20.   Regrade/Restore ground surface as shown in grading plan. 

21.   Install SCADA systems for basin monitoring ability. 

Bids will be received for a single prime Contract. Bids shall be on a lump sum basis as indicated on the Bid Form. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

The Project has an expected duration of 690 days.